Taktisk Periodisering Stockholm

Vill du lära dig med om varför de portugisiska tränarna är så framgångsrika? I vinter anordnar vi tränarkurs med portugisiska tränare som är baserat på taktisk periodisering.

I denna kurs får du lära dig hur du bygger en spelmodell, hur du bryter ner den i principer och hur du i varje övning kan få med dina principer. Se videos och länkar längre ner för mer information om vad taktisk periodisering är.

Vår kurs är totalt sex dagar uppdelat i tre kurser. C-licens (en dag), B-licens (2 dagar) och A-licens (3 dagar)

Datum: (Se schema längre ner)
10-12 januari (C och B)
24-26 januari (A)

C: 1700kr
C+B: 3500kr
C+B+A: 6000kr
Endast A: 4000kr

Hos Enskede IK

30 stycken

The Technical-Tactical Football Periodization Courses are designed to give coaches a complete and full view on the “big picture” of the modern football and the demands it brings to training.

The modern football demands from players and coaches a big range of skills and knowledge, the mission of selection and ranking of information is harder and harder everyday. What we are offering you is a chance to understand what really matters in football training and the most efficient way to achieve the “best levels of adapted performance” to the needs of your team.
The most traditional methodologies have tendency to focus on the parts, on what is controllable, on the things we can easily understand and the result of that is an incomplete and non-contexted approach to Football Training.

With the Technical-Tactical model we will take you thru a journey around the concepts of Game Model, Training Model, Principles of Play, Specificity, Performance Stabilization, Guided discovery and so on… all this concepts will change your ideas and all that you ever considered as a “definitive truth” in football. The goal is to question everyday: “Why am I doing this?”. With the complete course (C, B and A Licences) you will be able to think, build, plan and apply this concepts into your team, adapting them to reality of your club, your country, your league, your culture. You will understand the where, the why, the how and the when of TTP


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